At Her Signature Massage, it's about empowering women by helping 'her' function better physically and mentally.

As a Business women, mother and wife,  I know life can be overwhelming. That is why I created 'Her Signature Massage' to help you be better equipped to conquer your days. 

Yessenia Torres is a Licensed Massage Therapist, owner and sole practitioner of Her Signature Massage. Trained in Pregnancy massage, post partum massage/womb massage, Myo Fascial Release, Aromatherapy, Cupping Therapy, Stretching, and general lymphatic drainage, I use a variety of techniques to help achieve maximum results.
I began practicing massage 8 years ago and started the business in 2021 on a mission to provide pain relief due to stress caused by  menopause, pregnancy, post partum and  PCOS.  



License#: MT122181