Your wellbeing deserves the top spot. 

Headache/Migraine relief

Using cold stones and peppermint essential oil blend, this therapy uses
gentle stretching and traction of the neck, slowler and more in depth work on the
muscle fibers of the neck and a deeply relaxing facial and scalp massage.

​30 Minutes / $55

Signature Massage

Using Medium firm pressure, this technique aims to slowly melt away tension
in the deeper layers of muscle tissue in the body while incorporating hot stones,
gentle stretching. using a tranquilizing essential oil blend, peppermint scalp
massage, steamy hot towels and finishing with a deeply relaxing facial massage.

 30 min/$55     60 min/$105       90 min/$150

Her Balance Massage

This therapy begins with lymphatic drainage to aid with digestive blockages
using an essential oil blend to promote a hormonal balance. Followed by a Signature
Massage. Finished with facial lymphatic drainage. *not designed for  post-op

 90 min/$150

Expecting Mama's Massage

This bodywork is designed for 2nd/3rd trimester expectant mothers. You will be positioned on your side with the appropriate pillows while enjoying a deeply relaxing massage using light to medium firm pressure.

 60 min/$105 

Exfoliating Massage

This therapy includes a gentle body exfoliant made with Dead Sea salt that
slowly melts into a lotion when applied to the skin. Followed by a Signature

 90 min/$170



This therapy involves placing cups on the skin to create suction and facilitate in healing through increase blood flow.
​Add to any bodywork free of charge!


This high quality topical CBD doesn’t just mask pain or inflammation as some over-the-counter topical pain relief creams do. It can make the pain go away for a certain time period enhancing the massage experience.
​available for spot treatment